Rupture of a Calyceal Diverticulum Secondary to Ureteroscopy: A Rare Complication

Case Reports in Urology
21 Jan, 2019 ,

A 45-year-old-woman with p/h/o right ureteral calculi secondary to her right calyceal diverticulum came c/o right flank pain. CT diagnosed a right renal stone in her ureteropelvic junction. She was evaluated for pre-op investigations, and then eventually URSL was performed. 15-hours post procedure, the patient developed severe right flank pain and was febrile. CT showed perinephric extravasation of urine and bleeding inside the diverticulum which was diagnosed as rupture of the calyceal diverticulum secondary to ureteroscopy. She was treated with ceftriaxone 2 g per day and showed subsequent improvement.