Acute Diverticulitis and Advanced Colonic Neoplasia. When to Perform Colonoscopy

13 Jan, 2020 ,

Parc de Salut Mar is conducting an Interventional study in 527 participants in order to evaluate the prevalence of advanced colonic neoplasia in acute diverticulitis. A sub-analysis of complicated and uncomplicated acute diverticulitis will be made in order to determinate whether there are differences of advanced colonic neoplasia prevalence in both groups and to assess if a colonoscopy is necessary.

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This is a prospective study that eliminates biases in the selection, design and variability of retrospective studies to reliably assess the global prevalence of advanced colon neoplasia (ACN) and the difference in prevalence among populations with complicated and uncomplicated acute diverticulitis diagnosed by computed tomography.

Another objective is to assess the diagnostic prediction of computed tomography to detect ACN in acute diverticulitis. It also aims to assess the safety and quality of colonoscopy in a patient recently diagnosed with acute diverticulitis. Finally, it aims to study whether other diagnostic tools such as the presence of clinical risk symptoms or the performance of fecal biological tests could help in narrowing the indication of colonoscopy in this clinical scenario.