Efficacy of tDCS in Reducing Alcohol Consumption in Non-abstinent Patients

CHU de DIJON, France
25 Nov, 2019 ,

The study evaluates the efficacy of 1 week of tDCS (5 sessions) placebo in reducing alcohol consumption within the 24 weeks following the treatment in non-abstinent patients with alcohol use disorders versus placebo.

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340 patients are expected and randomized in two groups: 170 patients with active tDCS and 170 patients with placebo tDCS

Visit 1 : Patients will received one daily session (13:20:13) during 5 consecutive days: current flows continuously twice for 13min with a rest interval (no stimulation) of 20 min.

Visit 1 to 7 : Change from baseline to week 24 in Total Alcohol Consumption (TAC) and Number of Heavy Drinking Days (HDD) will be evaluated in each group.

Evaluation on alcohol consumption (daily drinking diary, alcohol craving and severity) and other assessments like mood, quality of life, safety.

The co-primary outcome of change from baseline in total alcohol consumption AND reduction in number of heavy drinking days at 6 months after treatment and its association with tDCS will be analyzed under the intention-to-treat principle using a mixed model repeated measures (8 times).