Evaluation of Glycaemic Control Using GlucoTab® With Insulin Degludec in Hospitalized Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

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08 Apr, 2019 ,

University Hospital Inselspital, Berne is conducting an interventional trial in about 15 participants in order to analyse the efficacy of GlucoTab® for glycaemic management in Type 2 Diabetes patients using insulin degludec. The study includes patients with HbA1c  between 6.5 - 10.0%. 

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The GlucoTab® system is a computerized decision support system built of an android based front-end user interface and a backend server including the REACTION algorithm. GlucoTab® is able to process blood glucose data and physiological confounders of glycaemia. Subsequently, GlucoTab® provides patient-specific basal, bolus, and correction insulin doses together with visualization and documentation of relevant data. The GlucoTab® system was found capable to keep hospitalized diabetic patients in the recommended target range without increasing the risk for hypoglycaemic events. Insulin pharmacokinetic is a critical confounder of glycaemic variability and the main determinant of an algorithm-based decision support-system. GlucoTab® is intended for being used with a basal/bolus insulin regimen. Up to date, feasibility data are limited to the use of insulin glargine.

Insulin degludec, an ultra-long acting basal insulin is characterized by a stable pharmacokinetic profile a half-life of ~25 hours. It was found equally effective to insulin glargine with respect to glycaemic control, while the incidence of (nocturnal) hypoglycaemia was smaller in patients treated with insulin degludec. Within the present study, insulin glargine will be replaced by insulin degludec, which is not yet approved for dose titration with GlucoTab®.

In the present study, 15 non-critically ill T2DM patients, who were hospitalized at the University Clinic of Neurosurgery for various reasons and require insulin treatment will be recruited. Patients will be treated with insulin Tresiba and insulin Novorapid. For a maximum duration of 21 days, GlucoTab® will calculate the required insulin doses for each patient, depending on fasting plasma glucose and postprandial glucose measurements during the day. After the calculated Insulin dose has been approved by the physician, the nursing staff will give the dose to the respective patient.