Feasibility of Multi-Energy Digital Radiography Detector for Lung Lesions Detection

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06 May, 2019 ,

KA Imaging Inc. in collaboration with Grand River Hospital is conducting a Single Group Assignment study in 30 participants in order to assess the feasibility of Single Exposure Dual Energy Subtraction with a Multi-Energy digital radiography detector as an imaging platform for lung lesion detection.

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A feasibility study is proposed to investigate the imaging characteristics captured by a Single Exposure Dual-Energy Subtraction digital radiography with KA Imaging's Multi-energy detector.

The acquisition of Dual-Energy Subtraction radiography will consist of using the Multi-Energy detector integrated into the X-ray system in Grand River Hospital. Patient will receive a Multi-Energy Chest radiography exam on the same day as their routine chest CT exam. Each Multi-Energy radiography exam will consist of one Chest PA image. Duration of each procedure is 60 minutes. The Multi-Energy Detector will generate a General Radiography Image and Dual-Energy Subtracted Images.

Visualization of lung lesions by Multi-Energy detector will be compared to corresponding CT exam and general radiography results. Imaging data will be evaluated qualitatively by radiologists on data collection form to describe the findings on the images. Further comparison between general radiography, Dual-Energy Subtraction radiography and CT will be analyzed to determine the differences of imaging characteristics such as description of image quality and visibility of relevant anatomical structures and anomalies.