Managing Vascular Dementia Risk Factors With SymTrend

NIH Clinical Trials
02 Jul, 2019 ,

Individuals with uncontrolled vascular disease are at risk for an insidious progression of brain injury starting in early to midlife and ultimately culminating in vascular dementia, robbing them of activities of daily living independence. Successful containment of this progression requires rigorous vascular risk factor management - the control of blood pressure, blood sugars, weight, and alcohol consumption; the cessation of smoking, and an increase in aerobic activity. SymTrend's mobile and web system for managing vascular risk factors will help improve adherence to health and lifestyle strategies, will stem cognitive decline, and will preserve independence in the community for older adults

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Neurologists from Massachusetts General Hospital will refer 10 adults with vascular mild cognitive impairment for participation in this project. The patients will be given Bluetooth devices appropriate for their condition and will be trained to use SymTrend and Apple Health software. They will use the software and devices for three months; will receive messages throughout from the system and/or a research coordinator about their progress, with encouragement and strategies to fully manage their symptoms; and their neurologist will be in communication with them about the progress charts and will adjust their care on the basis of this real-time data.