High Prevalence of Cholesterol-Rich Atherosclerotic Lesions in Ancient Mummies: A Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Study

American Heart Journal
27 Aug, 2019 ,

Mohammad Madjid et.al. conducted a study to assess the condition of blood vessels and Atherosclerosis in Ancient Mummies, the research team is one of the first teams to non-invasively detect earlier-stage lesions in mummies from various geographic areas. The research team arrived at a conclusion that Atherosclerosis has been present in humans since ancient times. 

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Computed tomography has been used previously in mummies to detect arterial calcification, which is a marker of later-stage atherosclerosis. Here, using the novel approach of near-infrared spectroscopy, we detected cholesterol-rich atherosclerotic plaques in arterial samples from ancient mummies. In this proof-of-concept study, we are the first to noninvasively detect these earlier-stage lesions in mummies from different geographical areas, suggesting that atherosclerosis has been present in humans since ancient times.