Orthopedic Surgery for Children

Lee Health
08 Oct, 2019 ,

Dr. Daniel Ruggles, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon uses small incisions to create a tiny crack in the bone. “This device goes inside the bone. It’s a relatively new technology that’s been around the last several years that has really revolutionized the way that we lengthen lower extremities because we can make the bone longer completely on the inside. We place it inside the bone and then we make a little crack in the bone and we can actually grow the bone with this device. It’s actually driven by a little motor inside the nail with a large magnet.” As the bone stretches, the body will naturally begin to heal the new bone. “You can lengthen a bone about one millimeter at day, so depending on how long the lengthening is, as well as how long it takes the bone to heal after you lengthen it, the device can be in for several months,” he said.